Let's try
The products of toothpick carving are very small, then , it seem difficult at first sight. But it is easy, if you can sharpen a pencil by a knife.
You need no patience, but ,need concentration at short time.

1)toothpicks: The material of carving. I use common type birchen toothpicks.
2)carving knife: I use only a pointed knife.
3)sign pen:coloring. I use pens which diameters are 0.2mm or 0.05mm or others. Pigment type ink are better than dye type ink becouse of color durability.

4)pin vise: To hold a toothpick

Let's try to carve toothpicks, if you get ready to start.

How to carve a chiken
There are all important techniques of toothpick carving in the process.
Most important technique is 'slice up' of the surface of material. The sliced piace become characteristic part of a product(ex: wing or tail of a bird, trunk of a elephant and ear of a mice).
You must see carefully the grain of wood, to slice the surface.

Please send me the image file(JPEG or GIF) of your toothpick carving by e-male. I'll display it in Challengers page.

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