Eating Light,Eating Right

ーEating Light To Save Our Planet−
Mitsuo Kouda

 Putting the Eating Light Health Method into Practice

Section T An economic super-power that has lost its health
1.A country overflowing with obesity
2.Diabetes is the Japanese national illness
3.Thirty million people with hypertension
4.An age in which one out of every three or four
people die from cancer
5.Gout increasing rapidly even in young people
6.One out of every three people suffer from allergies

Section U“Sluggish liver”was the cause of poor health
1.Fasting for patients with hepatic disease
2.Chronic hepatitis can also be cured
3.Fatty liver spreading among the young
4.A recent increase in “sluggish liver”
A.What is sluggish liver?
B.The reason for giving this condition
the name “sluggish liver”
C.The cause of sluggish Liver
D.A serious social problem caused by sluggish liver
1)Relationship with suicide
2)Relationship with depression and domestic violence,etc.
E.A method to overcome sluggish liver

Section V Eating light cures disease
1.What is “shukuben?”
A.Treatment for shukuben
1)Treatment for diabetes
2)Treatment for alopecia(baldness)
3)Health promotion methods
4)A case of shukuben even after
ten years of eating brown rice
B.The mechanism of shukuben
C.Deformed stomach and intestines are
the cause of intractable diseases
D.Fasting and eating light habits cure daises
2.Eating light as a treatment and a health method
A.Atopic dermatitis can be cured
1)The “locked door”theory
2)Health camp results
B.Improvement in cases of chronic articular rheumatism
1)Health camp results
2)Is shukuben also the cause of rheumatism?
3)Autoimmune disease patients and shukuben
4)T lymphocytes can also be formed in the intestines
5) O-14 strain and rheumatism
C.Improvement in cases of collagen disease
shown with eating light
D.Bronchial asthma and pollinosis cases cured by eating light
E.Dejection is improved
F.Developing resistance to fatigue
1)A case showing a change toward a balanced
Yin-Yang constitution
2)A case where a breast cancer tumor was reduced in size
G.Amount of time spent sleeping reduced
H.Blood quality improved
I.Attaining beautiful skin
J.Gray hair regains life

Section W Advice on living with an eating light food regime

1.The principle of eating light to 70% of satiety
2.Actual life with an eating light food regime
A.Choice of quality is vital
B.Sudden fasting is the source of failure
C.A step-by -step plan
D.Is breakfast essential?
1)The brain also utilizes ketone bodies
2)Changing from a concept of discrimination to symbiosis
3)Motilin increases when the stomach is empty
4)Free radicals decrease with the omission of breakfast
E.The food regime should not be forced
F.The power of thought
G.The organization of the body changes
1)Re-implementation of urea
2)Enterobacteria fix nitrogen
3)No loss of weight even when the body is operating
below the calculated daily basal metabolism level
H.In order to skip breakfast
I.Many compatriots are important

PartUThe theory of the Eating Light Health Method

SectionTJapan,a society with a decreasing number of children and an increasing number of aged citizens-a multitude of problems

1.Health measures for the aged
2.Problems faced in America
3.Shukuben is likely a major factor in senile dementia
4.Can the future be left to the youth of today?
5.The future of the citizens of Japan is endangered

Section UEating light can save the world
1.A serious pollution issue threatening damage to the environment
2.Can endocrine disrupters cause infertility?
3.Measures for environmental issues based on the energy conservation effect of a fresh vegetable food regime
4.Explosive increases in population causing acceleration in food shortages
5.Relief for the food crisis through eating light
A.Hopes for a campaign to reduce the amount of meat eaten by half
B.Also effective in the prevention of global warming
6.Practice eating vegetables as crisis preparation

SectionV Thoughts on “Human Life”
1.A topsy-turvy society based on economic priorities
2.Allergies and a society based on automobiles
3.Lung cancer also increasing due to exhaust fumes
4.Love and compassion for all forms of “life”

SectionW The philosophy of the eating light principles
1.Five forms of love expressed by eating light
A.Love for the enterobacteria plexus
B.Love for the 60 trillion cells in the human body
C.Eating light could save many refugees
D.Welfare fulfillment through eating light
E.Love for the earth
2.The starting point of education
3.The starting point for religious leaders



Part T 
Putting the “Eating Light”Health Method
into Practice

Section T
An Economic Super-power that has Lost its Health

A country overflowing with obesity
Now,after the Japanese financial bubble has burst,it has been said that the Japanese economy is in the middle of a recession,but it is still an economic super-power ,with a gross national product of over 30,000
Compared with China,Japan is a very rich country indeed,more than 30 times as rich,because the Chinese economy has produced a GNP of less than 1,000 dollars,even though it has been said to be on the verge of rapid growth.
Accordingly,most Japanese citizens are blessed with a good situation in regard to food,living every day satiated with luxurious food.
This phenomenon can be seen on the television,as there is a “food”program on the air almost every day in which the narrator travels around the country in search of“ultimate gourmet dishes.”Even worse,there was a program on the air called “The All-Japan Pigout Contest”in which the champions received a resounding applause for eating 26 bowls
of ramen(Chinese noodles)including all of the soup,23 “taiyaki”(Japanese adzukibean filled waffles),or 9 plates of Kobe beef,a total of 2.34kg at 260 grams a plate.
However,as a result of this trend,I believe there may be an increase in the number of people troubled with obesity.Furthermore,this problem is not limited only to adults,an increase in obesity has also been seen in children.This is a serious problem for the Japanese ,affecting health on a national scale.

In 1990,the Council on Adult Diseases Seen in Children investigated the level of obesity in 14,700 Children and the results of that study showed that obesity of 20% or more accounted for 13.6% of these children.Adding obesity of around 10% brought this figure to approximately 50%.
In other words,one of every two children is obese.
If these obese children grow up into obese adults,there is a high risk of them developing diseases stemming from life-style habits,which were once called “adult diseases,”in Japan,
like diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure),and this is a serious problem.
In fact,along with the increase in cases of obesity,we have seen a comparative increase in the number of patients with diabetes,hypertension,or coronary ,etc.

2.Diabetes is the Japanese national illness

For example,Professor Hideo Sasaki of the Yamagata University School of Medicine has investigated the citizens of a small community,a town called Funagata-cho in Yamagata Prefecture,where he found that the incidence of diabetes was 9.5%.That is,one out of every 10 people had diabetes,and furthermore,the incidence of glucose tolerance encephalopathy was 15.4% (glucose tolerance encephalopathy is a disorder in which the capability to control glycemia values(blood sugar values)has decreased).

Accordingly, taken together,these results showed that one out of every four people was either getting signals or actually had diabetes.
Even in a rural setting such as Funagata-cyo,that 's the sad state of affairs,which leads to the consideration that the number of diabetes cases may be increasing even more in the metropolitan environments.
Recently,it has become known that diabetes more readily when a patient is obese,People who are obese have fatty tissue full of fatty cells packed to the brim with fat globules.They push back and forth,like people on a crowed train,forcing contact with the agranular endoplasmic reticulum,which is in contact with the cell membrane in fatty tissue.
Because lipase is secreted from the agranular endoplasmic reticulum,
the fat globules coming contact with the agranular endoplasmic reticulum are decomposed into free fatty acid,
one after the other,and this flows into the bloodstream.
As a result,it is inevitable that there is an excess of free fatty acid in the bloodstream.Along with that increase in the excessive free fatty acid in the bloodstream,when the tissue throughout the body gets hit by insulin secreted by the pancreas,the tissue sensitivity decreases.Due to this a constant signal is sent to the pancreas to the effect that more insulin should be secreted.
As a result of this state,the pancreas tries to work overtime to secret insulin,and although it manages to do so for awhile,this state of affairs cannot last indefinitely.In the end, the secretion of insulin is impaired.
This is what we call diabetes.Accordingly,in order to avoid contracting diabetes,the first issue of priority is the prevention of obesity.
That is,above all it is necessary to take care to avoid eating to excess.In addition,this means that one should cut down on the intake of meat as part of one's food regime.
According to research performed by Professor Akin Santo of Medical University,even with meals of the same calorific value(,hereafter kcal)when the amount of carbohydrates is low,that is,when the meal eaten contains primarily animal-based food like meat and fat,the free fatty acid in the bloodstream increases to a large degree.
Accordingly,the results of the study showed that due to a decrease in the tissue insulant sensitivity,it is easy for people on such a food regime to contract diabetes.In effect,this food regime causes a decreases in the capability to control glucose levels.
If all of you could test your blood sugar values,and if you found that the value is 2,000 mg/dl or more,one two hours after blood sugar loading(after a meal),even though the value is low at 70-80mg/dl on an empty stomach,then you should check to see if you ate meat one or two days before the test.
Then,after switching to a high carbohydrate food regime,you should take the blood sugar test(glucose loading test).Differing from the previous results,in many cases the blood sugar values will be much lower after glucose loading.
As shown above,it is necessary to avoid an excess of meat in your food regime in order to prevent diabetes.
In November of 1997,the results of a study conducted by the ministry of Health and Welfare on 5,883 subjects 20 years old or more showed that 8.2% had diabetes.Based on these figures,calculations for the total population show that 6.9million people have diabetes,and if those in the diabetes-prone group are added,that figure would be 13.7
million people.That means that this is an age in which we must call diabetes the national disease.Isn't that sufficient reason for us to realize that this is the time to seriously reconsider our eating habits?In general,if our food regime was mainly based on vegetables with a reduced intake of animal-based foods,and we all followed the principle of eating only to 70% of satiety,as shown above,we could nip this issue of the sudden increase in diabetes in the bud.However,.....
In consideration of the fact that the human desire for luxurious food and eating to satiety is much stronger than you can imagine,it well may be that we will have to arrive where we are heading for at the present,before we learn to change our ways.

3.Thirty million people with hypertension

Along with the increase in diabetes,there has also been an alarming increase in another disease caused by had life-style habits hypertension.
Among the total population of 126 million people,approximately 25% have hypertension.Excluding children,one out of every three adults has blood pressure that is higher than normal,a situation potent with future health problems.The reason I say that is,because if high blood pressure persists for an extended period of time,there is the distinct possibility that these people will develop life-threatening diseases such as arterial sclerosis.
For example,high blood pressure is considered to be one of major causative factors in the two diseases that account for the second and third ranking causes of death,myocardial infarction and apolexy(
brain stroke),respectively.Accordingly,in order for us to live to fulfillment,“living and aging in good health,”this means that it is necessary for us to provide preventive measures and treatment for hypertension.
Thus,you must realize that obesity is also one of the main causes of hypertension.
One of the reasons for this explained below.

This is what we call diabetes.Accordingly,in order to avoid contracting diabetes,the first issue of priority is the prevention of obesity.
That is,above all it is necessary to take care to avoid eating to excess.In addition,this means that one should cut down on the intake of meat as part of one's food regime.

医学博士 甲田光雄

第1部 少食健康法実践編

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第3章 少食が病気を治す

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少食健康法 理論編

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第2章 少食が世界を救う


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第1部 少食健康法 実践編

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「あなたの少食が世界を救う」甲田光雄著 春秋社発行 より